fostex_mr8_xtraordinarysiteHey Guys. Chad here with a shout out to you all. What’s going on in your world today?

Well, I’m about creating my Xtraordinary Life – – having fun and being full of joy. So, this is my story . . .

I believe that I have discovered my true passion, which is writing and recording music. As I was sharing in previous posts, I started playing drums as a teenager, which came very naturally, and was teaching myself to play guitar — which did not come naturally, but was quite difficult. My love for music had been there all of my life, but it really started to come to the fore front in my early teens.

Not only did I love to play music, and perform live for an audience . . . but I was starting to get an itch to write my own music. Didn’t have a clue how to do that, but I was willing to learn. I was encouraged to pursue song writing by my best friend, Bobby.

We had started a band with a couple of other guys. Me on drums and Bobby on keyboards. Bobby was an excellent musician. I guess it runs in his family . . . as his dad is also a keyboard player and actually owns today.

Anyway, it was Bobby who ran across a home recording device called an MR8. It was a small digital recorder that we could actually use to record up to 8 tracks. We pooled our money and bought one . . . and man, did my life change and start to become Xtraordinary! We started to lay down tracks and record our songs in Bobby’s garage. Continue reading

Howdy Folks. It’s been a very long time since I posted on my blog here. It has been a very unusual last half of the year in 2016. Most of it, quite frankly has not been too pleasant. Well, I won’t bore you with all of the gruesome details, but I will give you just a brief summary.

First of all, I ran into some severe financial problems around May of 2016. I had a full time gig that kinda played out very suddenly. I was forced to find a way to make some quick income. So I got this bright idea that maybe I would drive for Uber for awhile.

I started driving for Uber and Lyft around mid year.  It was OK. The money wasn’t always great, but it did manage to keep the rent paid and the rest of the bills taken care of. Of course, it didnt pay like the music gigs I was used to but. . .  you can’t always get what you want . . . but you get what you need ( to quote Mick Jagger).

Then a very strange ( and still unexplained) thing happened. Around August of last year, I went to bed one night feeling perfectly fine. But when I woke up the next morning, I was in extreme pain in my hip and leg —  and my right leg was paralyzed. I could not put any weight on it at all. It was excruciating pain when I tried to stand up or sit down. It was so bad that I had to crawl on the floor to get to the bathroom.

This situation continued for many days. I was literally stuck on my couch for 5-6 weeks. I used an office swivel chair as a makeshift wheelchair to roll myself around my apartment. Guys, it was so bad that I literally could not get into my bathtub to take a bath or shower for 4 weeks! It was disgusting. But I had no  help at all — not even to be able to go out and buy food, etc.

Needless to say, I was not able to get out to my car and drive for Uber. So I had no income source for over a month. Ultimately, I got way behind on my bills, and was never able to really catch up. Once I finally was able to get out and drive again, it took along time to recover enough to be able to drive long hours for Uber.

By the end of October, I was evicted from my apartment that I had lived in for over 10 years. It was a crushing blow to my pride and ego. It devastated me mentally. All the while my physical condition was very slow to improve as I am still walking with a limp to this day.

To be continued . . .     hit me up here if you  have any comments.  C  ya later!



What’s up guys?  Chad checking in with ya!

My onward quest to live the Xtraordinary Life rolls on. Yeppers, I am feeling much better now —  almost back to full health again. I’ve regained the use of my right shoulder and arm again! And as you can imagine . . . that’s pretty darn important for a guitar player!!

Yeah, there is still some lingering pain from the badly pinched nerve I told you about last time. And the ol’ arm is still pretty weak at times  . . . but at least I am now free from the unbelievable pain I was experiencing a few weeks ago. And I give God all the praise , glory, and thanksgiving for it..

So, it is time to get back to work  again . . .I mean seriously . . . that pinched nerve totally put me down and out of action for weeks, Bro. Anyhoo, got several new songs I have written with the  band, and we are anxious to lay down some new tracks and get them  recorded. We have got some studio time reserved for next week, and hopefully . . . all will turn out well, and we will come  out of the recording session with some fresh, hot material that I think you cats are gonna love!

But There is a New Twist Though . . .Continue reading

Hey, hey Peeps. Remember me? Uh. . .  in case you forgot. . .  It’s Chad again! I know it seems like I went AWOL there for awhile —  but, I’m BACK.

Yeah, it felt like I was AWOL too. But the fact of the matter is, I’ve been under attack . . . a PHYSICAL attack for the past 30 days. I somehow pulled a muscle in my back —  and tried to over compensate for that. Not COOL!  As a result of over compensating, I ended up getting a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder area. MAJOR OUCH!!

As most of you know if you’ve been following this blog . . . I’m a musician —  both as a drummer and a guitar player. And as you can imagine, the human body is not built to play musical instruments AND endure a severely pinched nerve, at the same time, Roscoe! Especially those two instruments which require the constant use of your shoulders and arms.

Let me explain what I mean by a severely pinched nerve:  Imagine this . . . someone has buried a hatchet about 4 inches deep into the middle of your back – about shoulder high. Now this produces an intense and always present deep and throbbing pain, that is constant.  NOW,  ( since I’m right handed) try moving your right arm to try and play guitar or drums.

And EVERY TIME  you make the slightest movement, it feels like your arm is being stabbed with an ice pick . . .  to go along with the ever present pain being caused by the ax in the back. Hmmm, that’s a great combination, isn’t it? 4 inch deep ax wound accompanied by an ice pick stab. Certainly not the ideal situation for pursuing the Xtraordinary Life–which is my life goal.Continue reading

Howdy Peeps! Chad here.

Its been a few weeks since I’ve been able to post . . . been out on the road with my band. . . trying to live that Xtraordinary life I’ve been blogging about here for the last couple of months. Talkin with a bunch of different folks about taking my music to the next level, ya know? Tryin to come up with all kinds of ideas….like, thinking outside the box as they say (by the way. . . who are “they” anyway?)

I’ve got to figure out the best ways to market myself, my song writing, my music in general, and of course my band as well. Well, we’ve done the T-shirt selling thing. . . we’ve done the CD release party thing . . . we’ve done the “do every live gig we can find” ,and wear ourselves out, thing. And all of that has done some good as to getting our name out there and marketing ourselves.

But. . . it’s got to be about learning how to work smarter and not harder – – yet getting bigger and better bang for our buck from  efforts we are putting in. Don’tcha think?

Ahhhhh . . . finally the big epiphany has dawned on me! I’ve got to start utilizing the internet more to put myself out there to a broader audience. Ya think?  Duh! I’ve just been slow to warm up to the idea of utilizing the massive promotional POP that can come from having a strong online presence. Well, after talking with my buddies over at Real Results SEO —  a local agency here in town, I’ve decided to finally take the big plunge . . . and go all out to have them create a kick ass website for me. At least that’s what they say– I know, I’ve got to trust and believe, right?Continue reading

Hey there guys and gals. How are you doing? Xtraordinary lifer Chad here.

Well, its a new year  —  2016 — and it got me to thinking about what’s gonna be new for me in this new year. Most of us have those kind of thought about this time of year, don’t we?

But as you know if you’ve been following this blog, my goal is to live an Xtraordinary life. So, I feel that I’ve got to come up with some xtraordinary goals, dreams, and aspirations this year, But where to start?  Hmm, let’s see . . .

Spiritual goals--this one is obvious. To draw closer to God in 2016. To learn to completely and totally trust in Him to lead me, teach me, protect me, and provide for me. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done because no matter how hard we try, our own “human ego” tries to kick in and “take over”. We think that we can do it — not realizing that we really can’t do anything without the Lord being with us. So this goal must be an ongoing every day effort for me throughout the whole year . . .  but oh so worth it!

Music production goals — Well, I want to expand my knowledge and skill set . . .and EXPERIENCE . . . in learning and trying new and different recording and mixing techniques. I want to be continually mentored by those who have “been there and done that” and can teach me what they’ve already gone through.

Specifically, I am determined to write, record, mix, and produce a 10 song new album this year. I know that I can accomplish this . . .  I just have to have stay focused and have “bulldog faith” determination to stick with it. But in order to do this successfully, I’ll need to accomplish that spiritual goal as well.  They must go HAND IN HAND!

Social goals — Well, ole Chad here is single and I have enjoyed being that way. It has suited my lifestyle  — being on the road a lot as a traveling musician. But on the other hand, sometimes that lifestyle gets old, boring , and lonely. So, it just might be time for the Chadster to seek a meaningful relationship with a great woman!

What do ya think?  Are there any great women out there who might like to share my Xtraordinary life with me? Come on, I know that you are out there. But, where?

Well, that’s all I can think of right now. But I know this, Amigo. IF i can accomplish these goals this year, it will be an Xtraordinary year — one of many towards living the Xtraordinary life that I intend to have.  So, hit me up if you’ve got something to say or add to this blog. You know how to contact me  . . . ahem….especially, you lovely ladies out there who might just be interested in sharing something Xtraordinary!  Peace! We will talk soon. And as they say on Duck Dynasty . . . he gone

Hey everyone. Happy New Year from Chad! Here is wishing you the best in everything you do in 2016!

Well, 2015 has certainly been an interesting year in my journey towards my Xtraordinary Life – – to say the least. There have been some really good times . . . and unfortunately, some not so good times. But that probably describes everyone’s life, right?


i wrote many new songs this year. I believe that some of them will turn out to be some of my best songs. But only time will tell, as I have not had the time to record them yet. I have spent most of my time re-doing, re-recording, and re-mixing some of my older songs. Why?

Well, mainly because I have learned many new skills and techniques – – both in the recording side and in the mixing/producing side. I’ve been blessed to have online mentors to teach me things that I didn’t know, or that I didn’t have the skill to do. I talked about the importance of having a mentor to lean on in a previous post.Continue reading

What’s goin on yall?  Chad here again.

So, I’ve been pursuing the Xtraordinary Life that I believe I’ve found in playing music, recording music, and in publishing music, right?  Well, I ‘m still on that journey, and probably will be for the rest of my life. I believe that’s what I’ve been called to do, Bro. Guess that’s why I named this blog Chad’s Xtraordinary Site

Anyway . . . let’s fast forward. So after all of these years spent in perfecting my craft ( or my art), things have finally started to come together for me. I’m in my late 20’s now, and the song writing and song recording seeds that I planted way back in high school have started to produce results.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a couple of successful bands. And yes . . . we’ve made some records. The song writing has gotten progressively easier and better, if I do say so myself! But in addition to hard work and practice (like I talked about in a previous post), one of the the main reasons for my personal musical growth has been mentor-ship, Finding someone who has been there and done that.Continue reading

Hello World – – Chad back again.


I don’t know who came up with that quote, but it is so true, isn’t it? Well, let me add one of my own . . . let’s call it a Chadism (Lol), OK?

“the only place you will find success is after PRACTICE“. And that applies to anything in life. Even when you are creating an Xtraordinary Life!

So, I was in high school by now and was doing pretty well with the band Bobby and I had formed. We were getting paid gigs, having fun, making some money, AND . . .attracting the popular girls (see my previous post about that). Life was getting good for this 16 year old rock star wannabe.Continue reading

Chad here . . . but you should know that by now, right? Hey, if you are still reading this every day – and don’t have anything better to do with your life —  then I’ll be happy to share with you my Xtraordinary Life. Just kidding about the your life part as I am sure that it is awesome as well!


So, where were we? Oh yeah. My teenage dilemma . . . how was I going to attract popular girls? So obviously, it wasn’t gonna be with my super sharp, ninja gaming skills.

But over the previous two years I had developed another passion – – MUSIC, and the making of it. My parents had bought a me set of used drums from a local pawn shop. I really didn’t have to “learn how” to play them. It just came naturally. I didn’t realize it then, but later did – – that the gifting to be able to play music was God-sent.Continue reading