A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to . . .

What’s up? Chad checking in . . .

So, now I’m getting a little older, right? And although I was still into playing video games big time, things were starting to change. Ah, those awkward “hormonal years” – – those early teenage years . That’s when I started to to pay attention to different things . . . and considered different ways of pursuing my Xtraordinary life. I mean a guy just wants to  have fun you know. After all , this was the late 90’s now.

That’s when it happened. I slowly found my interests changing from MS PACMAN to Miss 9th grade Prom Queen!  What? How’d that happen? HORMONES BUDDY, HORMONES !!! I began day dreaming about how I could meet girls . . . about what I might say to them . . . about how I was going to impress them . . .about how I was going to get away from them if it turned out that I didn’t like them after all . . . about how I was going to keep them around, if it turned out I did.

You know, the usual stuff a 14 year old geeky guy might ponder. Remember, I had already made up my mind that my life’s goal was the pursuit of happiness and having fun with an Xtraordinary life.

And I knew that there had to be some ways to have fun with teenage girls – – but I just didn’t know what to do. And I meant have fun with them in a clean and wholesome kind of way. So, settle down there, Sparky. This story ain’t about a Horn Dog like you!

So, it seemed logical to just muster up the courage, and sachet on over to the most popular and prettiest girls in school . . . AND . .  invite them to come over to my house to play some of my games on Nintendo or Play Station, right?    WRONG NUMBNUTS!    It seems the teenage girls of my generation were NOT into playing video games with some pimple faced nerd boy, down in his father’s basement. At least not the popular and pretty ones anyway.  Teenage girls . . .go figure, right?

So, hmmmm, what was a lad to do next?    TO BE CONTINUED . . .

So, hit me up if you got sumpin to say to me, Chief.

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