And The Beat Goes On . . .

Chad here . . . but you should know that by now, right? Hey, if you are still reading this every day – and don’t have anything better to do with your life —  then I’ll be happy to share with you my Xtraordinary Life. Just kidding about the your life part as I am sure that it is awesome as well!


So, where were we? Oh yeah. My teenage dilemma . . . how was I going to attract popular girls? So obviously, it wasn’t gonna be with my super sharp, ninja gaming skills.

But over the previous two years I had developed another passion – – MUSIC, and the making of it. My parents had bought a me set of used drums from a local pawn shop. I really didn’t have to “learn how” to play them. It just came naturally. I didn’t realize it then, but later did – – that the gifting to be able to play music was God-sent.drums

Playing drums was easy for me. Heck, I’d been banging around on tin cans, ottomans, oatmeal boxes, etc. since I was around 4 years old. So by the time I got some real drums, I was already pretty good at it. I joined several “garage bands” with friends and even starting playing some “professional gigs” – – that means I got paid for it, YO!

I got some of my guitar playing buds to teach me the basics of playing guitar. Now THAT was hard for me to learn . . .  took tons of practice, and I never got good enough on guitar to be in a band as a guitarist, Never learned how to read music, as that would take the fun out it and make it too much work. After all,  dude, I’m all about having FUN and ENJOYING life. Remember?


Yep, you got it . . . the girls started to pay some attention to me.

So I decided to step it up a notch and became interested in home recording. I thought I would really be on my way to this Xtraordinary Life I was creating for myself, If I could just learn how to record music from my home. You dig? ( I always wanted to say that, even though it never really made much sense when you think about it)

And then, what had happen was . . .

More  to come, Bro. You can go back to my home page or holler at me it you want.


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