My Passion – – Writing and Recording Music!


fostex_mr8_xtraordinarysiteHey Guys. Chad here with a shout out to you all. What’s going on in your world today?

Well, I’m about creating my Xtraordinary Life – – having fun and being full of joy. So, this is my story . . .

I believe that I have discovered my true passion, which is writing and recording music. As I was sharing in previous posts, I started playing drums as a teenager, which came very naturally, and was teaching myself to play guitar — which did not come naturally, but was quite difficult. My love for music had been there all of my life, but it really started to come to the fore front in my early teens.

Not only did I love to play music, and perform live for an audience . . . but I was starting to get an itch to write my own music. Didn’t have a clue how to do that, but I was willing to learn. I was encouraged to pursue song writing by my best friend, Bobby.

We had started a band with a couple of other guys. Me on drums and Bobby on keyboards. Bobby was an excellent musician. I guess it runs in his family . . . as his dad is also a keyboard player and actually owns today.

Anyway, it was Bobby who ran across a home recording device called an MR8. It was a small digital recorder that we could actually use to record up to 8 tracks. We pooled our money and bought one . . . and man, did my life change and start to become Xtraordinary! We started to lay down tracks and record our songs in Bobby’s garage. 


After we got the MR8 recorder, I started to concentrate more and more on writing my own songs. After all, now that we had a way to record music – –   why not make our own original music to record. Makes sense, right?

When you are starting up something new that you’ve never done before, there is always gonna be a learning curve. Ouch . . . it took more time to learn the ins and outs of home recording than I had originally planned on spending. But I was determined to master the art of recording my own original music – – in my own way – – and in my own space. Man, that sounds like a typical teenager’s attitude doesn’t it?


We put in a lot of practice at recording those original songs . . . but it was far from perfect. In fact, when I just started out, most of it actually SUCKED! Keep in mind that I was also trying to learn how to play the guitar at the same time. So what I thought was going to be loads of fun, turned out to be loads of work . . . at least in the beginning.

But over a period of time, it all started to come together. That hard work was about to pay off BIGTIME.

That’s a story for another day . . .maybe even tomorrow. So see ya then, or whenever I get back to writing this.

Peace out!  If you got something to add, please let me know Bro!

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