Success Before Work?

Hello World – – Chad back again.


I don’t know who came up with that quote, but it is so true, isn’t it? Well, let me add one of my own . . . let’s call it a Chadism (Lol), OK?

“the only place you will find success is after PRACTICE“. And that applies to anything in life. Even when you are creating an Xtraordinary Life!

So, I was in high school by now and was doing pretty well with the band Bobby and I had formed. We were getting paid gigs, having fun, making some money, AND . . .attracting the popular girls (see my previous post about that). Life was getting good for this 16 year old rock star wannabe.

Yet, I still had this insistent urge to RECORD MUSIC — original music that I was writing. I knew my songs were mostly crappy, but that didn’t matter. I was young and in the early stages of learning how to write and record good music. So I did what one must do . . . practice, practice, practice! And oh yeah, practice some more.

It wasn’t easy to do, but I knew that the eventual payoff would be worth it. I took the time to learn every thing I could about home recording, and how to apply that knowledge to making my music sound as good as possible. I wanted other folks to like and appreciate the songs that I was laboring to write. A little self-centered and narcissistic? Yeah, probably a little bit, Bro.

But remember, that I had a goal in mind . . . to create and live that Xtraordinary life of fun and joy that I was seeking. And in those days, there really wasn’t much information or help on the internet for young dudes like me to learn from. So it was constant seeking and searching for tidbits of information that I could use to get better. Certainly not like the wealth of material you can find out on the internet today about home recording.

I’ll touch on that in later posts, OK? That’s all for today . . . let me know if you have comments or questions about my Xtraordinary life, OK?


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