“We All Need Someone We Can Lean On” . . . Mick Jagger

What’s goin on yall?  Chad here again.

So, I’ve been pursuing the Xtraordinary Life that I believe I’ve found in playing music, recording music, and in publishing music, right?  Well, I ‘m still on that journey, and probably will be for the rest of my life. I believe that’s what I’ve been called to do, Bro. Guess that’s why I named this blog Chad’s Xtraordinary Site

Anyway . . . let’s fast forward. So after all of these years spent in perfecting my craft ( or my art), things have finally started to come together for me. I’m in my late 20’s now, and the song writing and song recording seeds that I planted way back in high school have started to produce results.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a couple of successful bands. And yes . . . we’ve made some records. The song writing has gotten progressively easier and better, if I do say so myself! But in addition to hard work and practice (like I talked about in a previous post), one of the the main reasons for my personal musical growth has been mentor-ship, Finding someone who has been there and done that.

Isn’t a mentor someone you can lean on? Someone who not only can teach you the ropes, show you the shortcuts, and offer constructive criticism – – but who can also give you encouragement and confidence. Every successful man or woman has had someone to mentor them in some way, right? I mean, it might be via training videos, personal one on one time, conference calls, books or articles, and even internet pages/blog posts, etc.

Well on my journey, I have found several mentors to help me along the way. And without them, I’m not sure that I would be at the level that I’m currently operating in. Actually, in fact, I KNOW that I would not. I haven’t received  mentoring, per se, for the song writing – – I believe that is just inspiration and favor from the Lord. And I am grateful to God for that! He has graced me with the ability to do it.

True mentor-ship found me on the recording side of things. Or maybe I should say that I found true recording mentors. There have been , and are now, several of them that I’ve run across over the last few years. And . . .  I found them through various ways and places on the internet. Guys just like me that have set up successful recording studios out of their homes,

One of my first recording mentors (and he is still my mentor today) is Joe Gilder. Joe runs a successful website called Home Studio Corner

He teaches his students on every different aspect of recording your music out of a home studio. He gives tips on equipment to use, techniques to better record, and how to learn the art of mixing. He is a great guy and always delivers lots of value to to his audience.

So yes, Joe is one of those guys that “I lean on” to steer me to success in the home recording world. I’ll probably touch on some of the specifics in later posts. But,  gotta run now . . . we’ve got a live show to do tonight!

Peace, and as always, if you’ve got something you wanna comment on, just let me know, OK?

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