Happy New Xtraordinary Life Year!

Hey everyone. Happy New Year from Chad! Here is wishing you the best in everything you do in 2016!

Well, 2015 has certainly been an interesting year in my journey towards my Xtraordinary Life – – to say the least. There have been some really good times . . . and unfortunately, some not so good times. But that probably describes everyone’s life, right?


i wrote many new songs this year. I believe that some of them will turn out to be some of my best songs. But only time will tell, as I have not had the time to record them yet. I have spent most of my time re-doing, re-recording, and re-mixing some of my older songs. Why?

Well, mainly because I have learned many new skills and techniques – – both in the recording side and in the mixing/producing side. I’ve been blessed to have online mentors to teach me things that I didn’t know, or that I didn’t have the skill to do. I talked about the importance of having a mentor to lean on in a previous post.

I am also farther along on my spiritual journey . . . walking down that spiritual road, and trying to get on (and stay on) God’s plan for my life. After all, we can’t really live an Xtraordinary life without God in it, can we? Don’t give me that “I’m a bozo look” . . . you know I ‘m right about that!!

But you might say “wait a minute, Chad”,  I thought that you are on a mission to to just have fun and enjoy life. EXACTLY– you see, I’m learning that I can have both. A proper relationship with God AND have fun and enjoy my life. If any one says otherwise, that’s a LIE.

So, I’m looking forward to continuing my spiritual journey in 2016.


Of course, many of us had some “not so good ” experiences in 2015 as well. Welcome to the world, right? Well, I had a few of them too. Like:

  • Losing a potential sponsor/supporter who was bought out by a national competitor. Which means that all the hard work I had put into building a relationship with this supporter was lost. And  I had to start over with this rapport building process all over again. That ain’t easy to do, Bro.
  • unsuccessfully trying to re-connect with a relative who has been gone out of my life for many years. That didn’t happen in 2015, but I will keep trying in this coming year.
  • fighting with up and down health issues . . . some that have been lingering for years . . . and others that just popped up this year. It is a continuous battle – – and sometimes I win, and other times I don’t. But again, looking forward to better health in 2016

Anyway, guys . . .let’s all decide that we are going to have a  fabulous and Xtraordinary year coming up in 2016! Better health, more wealth, better relationships, more knowledge, deeper wisdom, and most of all . . . more FUN and JOY! Come on and jump on the journey with me.

See yall on the other side of the New year, and we’ll talk soon. As always, please hit me up if you have comments about this blog.OK?




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