Hey there guys and gals. How are you doing? Xtraordinary lifer Chad here.

Well, its a new year  —  2016 — and it got me to thinking about what’s gonna be new for me in this new year. Most of us have those kind of thought about this time of year, don’t we?

But as you know if you’ve been following this blog, my goal is to live an Xtraordinary life. So, I feel that I’ve got to come up with some xtraordinary goals, dreams, and aspirations this year, But where to start?  Hmm, let’s see . . .

Spiritual goals--this one is obvious. To draw closer to God in 2016. To learn to completely and totally trust in Him to lead me, teach me, protect me, and provide for me. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done because no matter how hard we try, our own “human ego” tries to kick in and “take over”. We think that we can do it — not realizing that we really can’t do anything without the Lord being with us. So this goal must be an ongoing every day effort for me throughout the whole year . . .  but oh so worth it!

Music production goals — Well, I want to expand my knowledge and skill set . . .and EXPERIENCE . . . in learning and trying new and different recording and mixing techniques. I want to be continually mentored by those who have “been there and done that” and can teach me what they’ve already gone through.

Specifically, I am determined to write, record, mix, and produce a 10 song new album this year. I know that I can accomplish this . . .  I just have to have stay focused and have “bulldog faith” determination to stick with it. But in order to do this successfully, I’ll need to accomplish that spiritual goal as well.  They must go HAND IN HAND!

Social goals — Well, ole Chad here is single and I have enjoyed being that way. It has suited my lifestyle  — being on the road a lot as a traveling musician. But on the other hand, sometimes that lifestyle gets old, boring , and lonely. So, it just might be time for the Chadster to seek a meaningful relationship with a great woman!

What do ya think?  Are there any great women out there who might like to share my Xtraordinary life with me? Come on, I know that you are out there. But, where?

Well, that’s all I can think of right now. But I know this, Amigo. IF i can accomplish these goals this year, it will be an Xtraordinary year — one of many towards living the Xtraordinary life that I intend to have.  So, hit me up if you’ve got something to say or add to this blog. You know how to contact me  . . . ahem….especially, you lovely ladies out there who might just be interested in sharing something Xtraordinary!  Peace! We will talk soon. And as they say on Duck Dynasty . . . he gone