Howdy Peeps! Chad here.

Its been a few weeks since I’ve been able to post . . . been out on the road with my band. . . trying to live that Xtraordinary life I’ve been blogging about here for the last couple of months. Talkin with a bunch of different folks about taking my music to the next level, ya know? Tryin to come up with all kinds of ideas….like, thinking outside the box as they say (by the way. . . who are “they” anyway?)

I’ve got to figure out the best ways to market myself, my song writing, my music in general, and of course my band as well. Well, we’ve done the T-shirt selling thing. . . we’ve done the CD release party thing . . . we’ve done the “do every live gig we can find” ,and wear ourselves out, thing. And all of that has done some good as to getting our name out there and marketing ourselves.

But. . . it’s got to be about learning how to work smarter and not harder – – yet getting bigger and better bang for our buck from  efforts we are putting in. Don’tcha think?

Ahhhhh . . . finally the big epiphany has dawned on me! I’ve got to start utilizing the internet more to put myself out there to a broader audience. Ya think?  Duh! I’ve just been slow to warm up to the idea of utilizing the massive promotional POP that can come from having a strong online presence. Well, after talking with my buddies over at Real Results SEO —  a local agency here in town, I’ve decided to finally take the big plunge . . . and go all out to have them create a kick ass website for me. At least that’s what they say– I know, I’ve got to trust and believe, right?Continue reading