Hey, hey Peeps. Remember me? Uh. . .  in case you forgot. . .  It’s Chad again! I know it seems like I went AWOL there for awhile —  but, I’m BACK.

Yeah, it felt like I was AWOL too. But the fact of the matter is, I’ve been under attack . . . a PHYSICAL attack for the past 30 days. I somehow pulled a muscle in my back —  and tried to over compensate for that. Not COOL!  As a result of over compensating, I ended up getting a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder area. MAJOR OUCH!!

As most of you know if you’ve been following this blog . . . I’m a musician —  both as a drummer and a guitar player. And as you can imagine, the human body is not built to play musical instruments AND endure a severely pinched nerve, at the same time, Roscoe! Especially those two instruments which require the constant use of your shoulders and arms.

Let me explain what I mean by a severely pinched nerve:  Imagine this . . . someone has buried a hatchet about 4 inches deep into the middle of your back – about shoulder high. Now this produces an intense and always present deep and throbbing pain, that is constant.  NOW,  ( since I’m right handed) try moving your right arm to try and play guitar or drums.

And EVERY TIME  you make the slightest movement, it feels like your arm is being stabbed with an ice pick . . .  to go along with the ever present pain being caused by the ax in the back. Hmmm, that’s a great combination, isn’t it? 4 inch deep ax wound accompanied by an ice pick stab. Certainly not the ideal situation for pursuing the Xtraordinary Life–which is my life goal.Continue reading