Oh No, It’s Only Rock N Roll

What’s up guys?  Chad checking in with ya!

My onward quest to live the Xtraordinary Life rolls on. Yeppers, I am feeling much better now —  almost back to full health again. I’ve regained the use of my right shoulder and arm again! And as you can imagine . . . that’s pretty darn important for a guitar player!!

Yeah, there is still some lingering pain from the badly pinched nerve I told you about last time. And the ol’ arm is still pretty weak at times  . . . but at least I am now free from the unbelievable pain I was experiencing a few weeks ago. And I give God all the praise , glory, and thanksgiving for it..

So, it is time to get back to work  again . . .I mean seriously . . . that pinched nerve totally put me down and out of action for weeks, Bro. Anyhoo, got several new songs I have written with the  band, and we are anxious to lay down some new tracks and get them  recorded. We have got some studio time reserved for next week, and hopefully . . . all will turn out well, and we will come  out of the recording session with some fresh, hot material that I think you cats are gonna love!

But There is a New Twist Though . . .

The new material is going to be a slight twist in direction as far as style of music is  concerned. Yeah, we will still be keeping our rock roots sound – –  but we are gonna veer off course just a little bit and add some new flavor ingredients that I think you are really gonna dig!

Want the specifics of what we are planning to do  with this new album? That’s what I thought. Well, Chief, what can I tell you. . . I could tell you all about it now but . . . I want to just tease you a little bit here and now. But I will tell you this . . . you current and more established fans are gonna still  like the  direction of the new music. And you brand new fans. . . well it will all be new  to  you, so hopefully you will enjoy the new groove.

So guys (and gals), you will just  have to keep coming back to this blog to find the latest details, won’t you? But no worries, I promise to  post a little more frequently here,  cause I don’t want to keep you in the dark for too long. Besides, I’m gonna need to sell a few of  these new albums so we need to make the music available to you as soon as possible. Ha ha ha

That’s all for today. As always, contact me here if you got sumpin to say. Peace Dudes and Dudettes!


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